U-PVC Windows

RCP has the capacity to supply & install different formulations of U-PVC windows that include Fixed, Casement, Tilt – Turn & Sliding Windows 

The specifications include 

  • Glass Sheets with Aluminum spacer 
  • Moisture Absorbing granules between glass sheets 
  • Patent Chemicals for sheets attachment 
  • Airtight arrangement with Poly-Sulfur glue 

Benefits U-PVC vs. Aluminum Windows  

  • Color doesn’t fade in U-PVC 
  • Sound Proof & Seals moisture 
  • U-PVC provides thermal insulation 
  • High Quality joints which can withstand (260 Degree Celsius)
  • Durability is better than Aluminum
  • Corrosion Proof   

U-PVC provides 64% better insulation than Aluminum and has the capability of noise level reduction by approximately 40 dBA. U-PVC is Fire Resistant material suitable for safe residences & offices 

U-PVC Windows gives off Airtightness and Secure enclosures. U-PVC also has steel reinforcement and is durable against any climate. U-PVC materials are environment friendly and safe for family