Tree Plantation, Horticulture & Drip/Sprinkler Irrigation Services

RCP has delivered its horticulture, saplings provision and gardening services within Sindh and Punjab so far successfully. Our trained horticultural staff can undergo short- and long-term projects in this regard. We are in connection with our suppliers who can provide a wide range of horticulture options and other related installations 

Horticulture / Saplings Options

  • Ornamental & Medicinal plants
  • Biosaline Units – Fodder and Bio Fuels 
  • Grass (Dhaka, American etc.) 
  • Tree Saplings (Both greening fast growers, fruit bearing, and timber based) 
  • Landscaping services (Post on – site assessment by our experts) 
  • Drip Irrigation and Sprinklers Installations and Operations (Nozzle based, Emitter based, or Swing Sprinkler based with base uPVC-based piping scheme working included) 

RCP has the landscaping and horticulture experts that can help suggest appropriate species for plantation and best bang for buck for your exteriors and interiors. This applies to industrial, commercial and domestic set ups.

Our engineers can analyses the pressure hydraulics, develop layouts and ensure smooth installation of the drip or sprinklers system based on agricultural/ horticultural requirements