Prefabricated Steel Structures & Portable Containers

RCP is specialized in manufacturing in all types of prefabricated steel structures & building compounds. RCP ensures standard level of quality based on its professional workforce and experienced management 

Prefabricated building is a combination of pre-engineered colored steel polystyrene panels (sandwich) accompanied with steel framework. It can be used in 

  • Warehouses & Open Sheds 
  • Office Blocks & Residential Facilities 
  • Partitions, Walls, UPVC Doors—Windows 
  • Shops, Kitchens, Portable containers etc.

Custom designed structures can be fabricated & constructed with 360-degree support that includes civil, electrical and plumbing works. Complete is all aspects “Ready to Use” for clienteles 

“EPS Sandwich Panel” consists of double layered colored steel sheets with embedded polystyrene and formed as a result of high strength adhesive. The specification of panel includes 

  • Thickness – 50 mm & 200 mm 
  • Material Density – 15 Kg/ Cubic Meters 
  • Double Layered Sheet Thickness – 0.4 to 0.5 mm 

“Overall Structural Framework” includes a set of multiple components consisting of;

  • Central & Corner Columns 
  • Trusses 
  • Purlins & Wind Ties 
  • End Ties & Foundation Channels 

All structural components are manufactured on section forming machine. C-Channel machine is used to develop standard Pre-Fab building at 1.50 mm thickness