Earthing Materials and Modules

RCP’s unique and innovative product “Earthing Material 70-E” has been tested at international standards. This material has proven its utility versus other conventional material when it comes to earthing / grounding electrical appliances, generators, metallic enclosures and control systems etc. 

Earthing Material 70E is a homogeneous mixture of graphite, cement and other classified materials thoroughly mixed through water addition to achieve uniformity and then compacted to avoid interstices. This ground enhancement combination has a resistivity of less than 01 Ohms. M. which is 95% more conductive when compared with conventional “Bentonite Based Earthing Systems”

EM-70E Complies with IEEE Standard Section 80-2000 Para 14.5 and NEC 250.26 

The Unique features of EM-70E includes 

  • Easy to Apply powdered form 200~250 mesh size
  • High Conductivity in all Soils/weathers/ areas 
  • Maintenance Free and Long-Term Utility 
  • Robust and Durable when installed 
  • Non- Corrosive to the Metal Plates 
  • Environment Friendly product 
  • Effectiveness Independent of Moisture 
  • Non-Reactive & Sulfur Free Combination 

Earthing Material 70E is available in suitable for bore type, Plate type or module types earthing configurations 

RCP ensures user friendliness by providing this product in various forms 

  • Ready to Use Portable EM-70E Modules – Fabricated in Mild Steel Frame, preinstalled with Copper plate, can be used in parallel enhance the conduction effect
  • EM70E Material – Loose Material developed through research. This can be used as required especially in Bore Type and Plate type arrangements. Users can increase or reduce the quantity based on requirement. It is suitable to be used in all soils, weathers and locations. Flexibility with performance is a promise RCP assures its customers