Complete Social – Environment Reporting & Services

RCP offers a wide variety of services ranging from Environment Impact Assessment & Analysis in all its formats (Checklist, IEE or ESIA) to development of Environment Management Plan / Resettlement Action Plan or Community redressal plan till its implementation and monitoring.  

The monitoring elements of the Environmental and Social Monitoring Plan are intended to support the mitigation of the potential effects on specific resources resulting from industrial activities, as well as the actual environmental impacts associated with the construction, operation and decommissioning of plant. More specifically, the environmental monitoring elements are designed to generate defensible data. RCP will ensure that industry maintains continuing compliance with currently applicable legal and regulatory requirements, permits, licenses, and environmental endorsements; and, ensure that proper procedures, management systems, and training are in place to prevent or respond to spills or other emergencies, as required by the Management Plan, Emergency Preparedness and Spill Contingency Plan, the Occupational Health and Safety Plan, their supporting procedures, and the associated community emergency plan.

  • Monitoring activities include the collection of data describing background conditions as well as the impacts associated with mining activities. Activities will also include environmental inspection during construction and the collection and analysis of associated monitoring data, along with the monitoring of internal and external stakeholder concerns and considerations. Such inspections, analyses, and monitoring are required in order to ensure:
  • Appropriate management techniques are being employed
  • Continued compliance with regulatory requirements and approved construction practices; and, that appropriate mitigation measures are specified, implemented, and functioning properly

Monitoring of the construction and operational phase of the industrial processes will include the monitoring of all environmental parameters, as necessary to address potential impacts of project activities. Ongoing environmental inspections will be conducted, and associated environmental monitoring and social performance data will be collected in order to:

  • Identify changes or potential impacts to the environment and/or adjacent communities resulting from the daily operation of the mine;
  • Provide the basis for predicting potential environmental or social impacts;
  • Prompt appropriate corrective and preventive actions to avoid or mitigate potentially adverse environmental and social impacts
  1. Waste & Hazardous Waste Management
  • Visual inspection
  • Records Review
  • Waste Tracking System Analysis
  • Waste Quantitative and Qualitative Surveys/Study
  • Development of Waste Management and Monitoring Plan
  • Waste Disposal
  • Trainings
  1. Air Quality
  • Dust level and suppression techniques will be inspection.
  • Air Quality Monitoring by using ambient gas analysers and Dust Monitoring equipment
  • Development of dust suppression plan
  1. Noise
  • Visual assessment of noise generating devices
  • Noise monitoring according to day and night times with portable and stationary audiometric devices/noise meters
  1. Ground/Drinking water Quality
  • Sample collection as Grab/Composite
  • Laboratory Analysis as per NEQS defined parameters or required by client
  1. Waste Water
  • Sample collection as Grab/Composite
  • Laboratory Analysis as per NEQS defined parameters or required by client
  1. Site & Workers Safety
  • Safety Audits
  • Fire Safety Audits
  • Development of Fire Evacuation Plan, HSE Manual/SOPs, Traffic Management Plan
  • HSE Studies
  1. Socio-economic
  • Socio-economic surveys
  • Resettlement Plan
  1. Gaseous Emission
  • Monitoring of Flue Gases from Stacks by using latest Flue gas analysers.
  1. Vehicular Emission
  • Monitoring of emissions from vehicles by using automobile analysers

RCP offers has a diversified set of skills when it comes to its panelists. They include World renown experts from Ecology, Development, Economics, Environment and Regulatory sectors. We would like to assist your organization in any potential project thru best value for money outcomes. 

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