Fire Safety Services

Fire Safety Services & Consultancy 

To protect your valued assets from the fire hazard and ensure long term facility integrity in reference to fire related consequences it is essential to asses, analyze, control or mitigate the potential risks. This is a usual requirement in case a facility, assets or equipment is insured or business critical. RCP has the capability to provide assistance in this regard through its panel of NFPA certified consultants. RCP can help in designing and implementing required controls to ensure safety whenever there is likelihood of any suspected danger of loss

Fire Risk Analysis (as 3rd Party Certifiers) 

RCP’s experienced NFPA certified consultants can help in conducting a detailed “Fire Risk Analysis Study” based on which a “Fire Protection Plan” can be formed. This would be a cost effective risk based approach in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction and value addition to ongoing business operations

This study involve a team of experts based on required such as

Fire Protection Specialist

Structural Engineer

Process & Instrumentation Engineer

Environmental Engineer

Loss Prevention & Integrity Engineer

A detailed report is compiled with estimation of current “Protection Rating” and expected Rating when the mitigation measures are imparted

This shall also include a facility’s “Fire Fighting Capability Analysis (FFCA)”, Fuel Load, Occupancy Load, Emergency Response Plan, Segregation Strategy, Safe Haven Facility development, Personnel Protective Equipment and types of relevant administrative & engineering controls required

Based on requirement and nature of the facility NFPA codes are referred which are the highest level of compliance in the World

Our experts have on hands experience of working in various market sectors such as Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, Mining, Banking, Construction, and Power Generation

Fire Equipment & Trainings 

RCP has a unique approach of providing 360 degree cover from risk evaluation to design and from equipment to trainings. This pathway ensures sustainability and a culture of safety within a client organization. RCP imports internationally certified equipment from Europe, China and Middle East to ensure “Zero Failure” when required. We provide

• Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors

• Alarm Panels and Smart Fire Info Systems

• Inergen & FM-200 Systems for Electrical Installation (Enclosed)

• Fire Extinguishers – Refilling etc. (DPC, CO2, Water Based)

• Wet Pipe and Dry Pipe Water Sprinkler system

• Fire Blankets and Emergency Response Equipment

• Fire Hydrants and Foam Systems

With capable trainers we are equipped to deliver the following trainings all across Pakistan and Middle East

• Fire Inspections

• Fire Fighting

• First Aid

• Fire Crisis Management Cell (FCMC) – Management Level Only

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